Be it tracking processes, monitoring the user workload, or even accessing work items; workbox seamlessly integrates people, processes and systems creating a positive shift in business performance and user experience.

Are you fed up of maintaining data and collecting information from different sources? Here is your one-stop WORKBOX solution, just a click-away. At times, at the organizational level, it is difficult to follow the processes and keep a tab on who is doing what. Workbox will provide you a unified Workbench so that you will never miss a work item. Organizational problems related to processes, projects, employee tracking, monitoring the work-status, collaboration and many other issues are just a click-away.

Process owners and managers can access intuitive graphs, tables, heat maps and other analytical views for accurate process tracking, user workload management, rules and action setup. It provides certain pre-packaged workflows and UI (user-interface) templates that facilitates bringing-in rapid value to customers. Multiple systems, workflows and all the various tasks are consolidated into a single effective inbox. It is a platform for the process owners, process managers and even the process actors to enrich their performance.


Unified Workbench – never miss a work item

Rapid business process modelling

Pre-built Work Bots & the ability to configure your own work rules

Pre-packaged process and UI templates to bring rapid value to customers

Easy integration with SAP and non-SAP source systems

Convert the insights from reporting systems to actions and processes

Complete mobility with offline capabilities

Import user, employee & organization hierarchies

Real time Collaboration powered by Recast

Powerful Admin Console

Role based authorisation & personalisation

Process performance reporting & benchmarking

Key Benefits

  • Intuitive Workload Management with intelligent suggestions powered by ML

  • Task Management – Adhoc task generation, scheduling

  • Inbuilt Configurable

  • Quick customizable Reports and Analytics

  • RPA enabled approvals for quick turnaround