User Experience

Incture’sUser Experience (UX) practice encompasses a holistic approach which entails an enhanced digital experience (DX) and customer experience (CX). Customer centric approach is the need-of-the-hour,manifestinginto a world-class end-user interaction.

Our Design Thinking principle offers a delightful combination of Business, People and Technology resulting into an effective UX. The end-to-end UX solution works on SAP Fioriconcept, SAP UI5 and design thinking principles which leads to an innovative and intuitive solutioning/interface.

Our focus is to enable a simplified user-experience (UX) by Process Centric UX Design, Pre-Packaged design templates and impeccable expertise in SAP UX technologiesin accentuating the overall user experience.

Experience world-class Work-Experience (WX) to amplify user adoption

User-experience (UX) Strategy

  • Identify building blocks​
  • Formulate application anddevice standards​
  • Define customer user experience

UX Transformation with SAP Design Thinking Approach

  • Any Legacy interface to SAP UI5​
  • RDS Screen Persona Creation – Designing and prototyping SAP transaction screens without changing backend​
  • Custom UX Design and Implementation for SAP UI5 applications

FIORI UX Implementation

  • Enablement – Standard Fiori implementation for Transactional, Analytical and Fact-sheet app
  • Optimization – Choose from our huge catalog of UI5/Fiori UX templates as a starting point for your innovation program
  • Innovation – Work together with the customer to understand the use-case and design custom Fiori-like application for his specific needs