“Ecology is not an academic subject. Ecology is the basis of our existence. See, the next twenty-five years, probably, in the history of humanity, is going to be very crucial in terms of what kind of corrections we make. If we take care of the soil, rivers, forests, agriculture, human health – everything will be taken care of, major change will happen in a positive way. Today, a whole lot of businesses are looking at how they can impact ecological sustainability.”

– Sadhguru

Sustainability at Incture

Sustainability is an integral part of Incture’s philosophy and translates to the ‘triple bottom line’ of bringing environmental, social, and financial impact. We are making investment decisions to benefit individuals, society, government and the environment by promoting sustainability. We are talking about ethical products and services that are ‘sustainable’ in design, approaches and outcomes for our customers. 

Sustainability is simply a recognition that every action has repercussions or consequences – for other human beings and the environment – and that we are destined to live on the same planet for the foreseeable future. It should now be on everyone’s agenda so that we can all contribute to conserving this great planet that we call home. 

Sustainability Initiatives