Driving digital transformation in Oil and Gas ecosystems through intelligent technologies

Digital Solutions for SAP Oil and Gas Portfolio

Oil and gas companies are facing enormous challenges to transform their operating performance to remain competitive in the energy transition. These include pressures on oil prices and demand due to an uncertain global economy and increasing focus on alternative energy sources. The industry leading strategy for continued efficiency and sustainability in such times is to reinvent the operating model by applying intelligent digital technologies.

At Incture, we are leveraging our extensive industry domain expertise in Oil and Gas industry coupled with SAP recognized innovation capability to drive this needed transformation for our customers. Our SAP Oil and Gas digital applications are helping companies to unlock data silos, enhance operational visibility and agility, increase workforce collaboration, and intelligently manage assets.

Custom oil and gas solutions for digital transformation acceleration

Advanced technology capabilities using IoT, machine learning, advanced analytics, RPA and data visualization

SAP recognized innovation capabilities

Whether you’re exploring new ideas to digitally transform your company or have defined one already, learn how we can support you.

Incture Oil and Gas Solutions


Digital Oil Field 

  • Visualize end-to-end oilfield operations through data silo integration
  • Apply analytics to get insights and manage on-field operations using a centralized collaborative platform
  • Perform production forecasting, invoice management, and fleet tracking

Asset Management 

  • Track the entire asset lifecycle right from procurement to disposal
  • Monitor asset health status for prescriptive maintenance
  • Earn better returns on your asset and lower emissions through effective management of asset lifecycle
data management

Data Management 

  • Unlock data silos through ingestion, preparation, exploration, modeling, and visualization
  • Get near real-time insights on-field operations
  • Drive collaboration, improve field productivity, while maintaining data integrity and governance

Pipeline Analytics

  • Leverage predictive analytics to monitor pipeline health and plan maintenance schedules
  • Utilize geospatial analytics to detect leaks
  • Deploy digital twin modeling and simulation tools to perform load analysis and measure pipeline flows

Intelligent Automation 

  • Connect multiple plant locations for real-time visualization of oilfield data
  • Automate repetitive work tasks to reduce human errors
  • Enable efficient day-to-day operations and resource optimization

Predictive Maintenance 

  • Integrate and analyze historic wear and tear data to forecast impending problems and failures
  • Deploy log analytics to pre-empt maintenance cycles
  • Use digital twin modeling to simulate operation conditions

Field Service Management 

  • Visualize and manage field operations remotely
  • Employ advanced technologies such as GPS, AR/VR, and video surveillance to monitor field operations
  • Deploy mobility apps to ensure employee safety and provide immediate incident logging

Integrated Operations Platform 

  • Harmonize your operation landscape to integrate disparate business processes
  • Digitize manual processes and increase collaboration
  • Achieve reduced cycle times, increased productivity, and faster ROI realization

Learn how you can deliver breakthrough value on your SAP Oil and Gas Infrastructure with our customized applications.

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