Proof of delivery

The Proof of Delivery (POD) app is a comprehensive delivery solution that helps companies manage pick-up and delivery of all their products. It helps the organization efficiently manage numerous vendors and a fleet of delivery agents through a centralized app that offers real-time visibility. By using POD, you can easily manage and streamline all your delivery operations to increase efficiency, reduce time taken and boost customer satisfaction!

POD has two interfaces, one for the Administration and one for the Delivery Agents. These interfaces have specific as well as shared features in order to facilitate smoother operations between the two teams.

The admin can group multiple shipments and create trips for delivery agents based on route and customer location to increase efficiency and productivity. A unique bar code is generated for each trip, which contains the details of all items which are part of delivery. Before starting the trip, the delivery agent needs to scan the barcode for the trip and validate all the items for delivery. Once the shipment is validated, the agent is shown the customer locations on the app and they can start the trip.

POD gives the admin team complete visibility of all delivery operations being carried out. They can easily monitor on-duty delivery agents , while also getting updates on the status of delivery. All of this happens in real-time, thus leaving no room for mismanagement or delay in resolving issues.

The delivery agents have easy access to the mobile app, which monitors their locations and guides them towards their next delivery stop. They can access all details of the order on the app, as well as update the status of delivery. In case of any incidents, the delivery agent can instantly raise a ticket to the admin team and the concerned admin will immediately receive an alert for resolution.

The delivery agent will be able to update order status in offline mode as well, with the app automatically updating once they are back online. The app also allows the delivery agents to call a customer directly from the application and even collects the customer’s digital signature


Create & schedule trip for drivers (Admin)

Track trip status in real-time (Admin)

Validate all items for delivery (Delivery Agent)

Raise alert for missing items (Delivery Agent)

Locate and communicate with customer (Delivery Agent)

Raise incident ticket, resolve and close (Admin, Delivery Agent)

Add, remove and edit user access (Admin)

Easily communicate through the app (Admin, Delivery Agent)

Daily, weekly and monthly reports on shipments (Admin)

Dedicated chatbot with voice activation to raise alerts, view maps and make calls

Key Business Benefits

  • Provides effective
    communication channel

  • Driver productivity

  • Business reports
    and analytics

  • Eliminate paper
    -based processes

  • Improved visibility

  • Reduce delivery cost

  • Customer satisfaction