Process Systems: The Changing Landscapes

Process Systems: The Changing Landscapes

While process sciences, methods and supporting business applications suites like ERP have been delivering significant value to organisations, a fresh wave of value opportunities are waiting to be harnessed. Harnessing them is made possible through application of emerging trends and technologies to the business processes.

Business and/or process owners, can now carve out significant competitive advantage by harvesting the business value that gets unlocked through a mix of the above process change opportunities. Especially in the core and critical parts of their business process landscape.

Modern middlewares are converging to become the technology hub for new age smart process systems & applications. These middlewares bring together capabilities like BPM, Enterprise Service Bus, API Management, Business Rules Management and Complex Event Processing. It also allows to connect and leverage other emerging technologies like Mobility, Modern Web Technologies, IoT, cloud & data among others.

So supporting the entire lifecycle of smart process applications (smartapps) including collaborative documentation, design, development, continuous improvement and most importantly the runtime orchestration and management of processes has taken a front seat.

The resulting automation and optimisation allows people to be further freed up from repetitive operational threads being caught up in routine process management activities. Opening up to more emerging technologies that support design, development and management of new age smart process applications & systems (smartapps) for a renewed set of opportunities that are enabling technologies.

The idea is to combine and present all the components of the organization which is being leveraged to execute a business process and simultaneously automate and optimize the same. So that the various applications can be integrated beyond the boundaries of the organization and geographies.