Managed Services

A customer-centric and flexible working model that supports your business and provides instant cost benefits!

As businesses grow, so do the applications and platforms that support them. As a result, the operational landscape tends to become progressively more complex and requires higher levels of support. A lack of trained support could result in business-critical situations that would translate to a dollar value loss.

We at Incture Technologies take the stress-off customers by providing support for Platform and Applications across the board. We take end-to-end ownership of your platforms and applications, so that you can contain expenses on secondary activities and focus on core business instead.

What we offer

Quicker ROI realization

We make sure you get more bang for your buck

Impeccable SLA compliance

We deliver what we promise, always

Flexible working model

We’re willing to adjust to your needs better than anyone else

Continuously improving

If you like how we start, just wait till you see how we develop

Geography agnostic

Thanks to our offices around the globe, we work anywhere and everywhere

Competitive costing

We provide the best price in the market for this standard of services

Free FTE rollover

Make sure you get the best of your FTE’s

Completely customizable plans

We put together a package that’s tailor-made for you

Business Recovery Plan

  • Back-up office in another city which is ready to accommodate the entire team on short notice
  • Everyone has laptops and connectivity options available to them 24×7
  • The team has the facility to get on VOIP calls from their machines, which they can use for conference calls/remote desktop assistance remotely
  • On call numbers are active/operational 24×7

Ticket Management

24*7 approach to give best ticketing solutions endeavoring seamless resolution

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Case Studies

CPG Giant

  • 5 year multi release program for a global roll out of material master data solution
  • Incture supports the solution in all the countries across all time zones, 24X7
  • The support teams are at all levels, L1 L2 and L3. We also have on call support for priority-1 tickets on Weekends and Holidays as per the regional calendar

Global Electronic company

  • More than 400 interfaces migrated from various platforms (Web-methods, Informatica, Dell Boomi) to SAP PO
  • Incture provides support for these interfaces across the globe in all time zones. This includes platform and application support
  • The support is 24X7 in 50 countries. Coverage is high density in US and Europe mostly and the support teams are L2 and L3

World leaders in technology

  • SAP Tools and Demo Pre-Sales Support Team Run and Operated out of Incture under Incture Managed Service.
  • Incture takes care of 8 application areas with about 25 applications in production support