Platform modernization for connected products and operations ecosystem for faster and better data-driven business decisions

Organizations worldwide are focused on getting the most out of digital platforms and applications – from innovation and cost savings to performance and efficiency improvements. A fourth industrial revolution is now on the horizon. Industry 4.0 already points toward the convergence of information and automation technology. IoT is the key enabler of the industry 4.0 by efficiently ingesting, storing, processing and analyzing large volume of device and business data

Incture’s Agile practices in the field of IoT enables easy integration and quick business decision making in various dynamic business situations by applying science to data. We enable true data-driven solutions for customers. We utilize various cutting-edge technologies to translate raw data into meaningful information. We use the SAP suite (powered by HANA Cloud Platform) and many other custom scripts and third-party technologies to drive IoT and data Visualization for the business.


Digital twin model representation

Enrich your IoT data within the business context of related assets and operators – all based on a unified semantic model.

Action-driven business integration

Trigger event-based actions by creating tasks, such as requisitions and service tickets, in line-of-business applications.

IoT-enriched analytics

Gain real-time insights from analytics solutions by defining your analytical model and aggregations while accessing IoT data.

Support for critical functions

Make decisions locally and execute complex processes asynchronously by uniting operational data with business data sources.

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Real-time data streaming

Analyze IoT data streams to recognize patterns and automate events while defining sophisticated business logic and actions.

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Predictive analytics

Deploy, execute, and update analytical models to predict and prevent real-time incidents and find undetected anomalies.