Cherrywork® Intelligent Task Management

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Delivers intelligent notifications, tasks and process in real-time

Cherrywork® Intelligent Task Management delivers intelligent notifications, tasks, and process insights, enabling you to take actions in real-time, across the enterprise processes and systems. Intelligent Task Management comes packaged with apps. and content for SAP systems, delivering rapid digitization and automation of enterprise work items and processes. With all your tasks in a single app, it’s never been as easy to find and get work done!

Offering Brief

Offering Brief of Cherrywork® Intelligent Task Management

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Unified Digital Workplace

Multiple systems, workflows and numerous tasks are all consolidated into a single effective Inbox with features such as Universal Search, Filters, Approvals and Task Progress Tracking with reports.

Insight to Action

Gather all the important insights from source systems and processes such as time taken, requested data and SLA breach. It takes critical actions to enhance the business process after analysis.


Collaborate with your team members with inbuilt chat functionality with rich features like share attachments, receive notifications, watch channels and tag people for better visibility.

Deliver insight to action and management by exception

Convert the insights to action

Add rapid value to customers

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