Cherrywork® Intelligent Price Management

Revenue and margin optimization

Cherrywork® Intelligent Price Management

Revenue and margin optimization

Single platform to manage, buy and sell side of prices

Cherrywork® Intelligent Price Management is a cloud-based solution that enables B2B organizations to centralize their pricing-related information across products and customers all in one place. Advanced machine learning is then applied, and unique profit-enhancing opportunities are identified. True dynamic pricing enables changes in real-time, based on the local market and competitive conditions. Global pricing structures, channel list prices, even customer-specific pricing policies can be managed within one solution. Cherrywork® Intelligent Price Management can be up and running in as little as two hours so you can increase profits immediately.

Strategic Pricing

Model the impact of various pricing scenarios to make the best decision possible

Roles Based Access

Apart from secured login, multiple roles defined for effectively managing pricing activities based on •Customers, •Customer segments, •Commodities, •Products, •Regions •User Self Service, the user has the option to request the roles he/she wants to perform and based on the approval, access is provided. No upfront configuration of the user required.

Alerts & Notifications

Alerts act as powerful attention-seeking tasks. Alerts are defined for various activities like price updates, periodic reminders for price workbook closure/generation, task/job failures in the system, a self-onboarded user requesting specific roles on the solution, etc.

Productivity Improvement

Process Optimization


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