On-Demand Events & Webinars

22-09-2021 | SAP Data and Analytics Virtual Forum
Learn how SAP BTP can transform utilities with a unified data and analytics backbone.

02-09-2021 | Future-Ready Enterprise

Register to know how to build your future-ready enterprise with SAP Business Technology Platform.

02-09-2021 | Hyperautomation for Finance in SAP BTP
Know how financial & accounting processes are more resilient with document intelligence.

30-06-2021 | Move Quicky & Adapt with Process Hyperautomation & Integration
Learn how we drive hyperautomation & integration to scale the core business processes.

08-06-2021 | Sapphire Now 2021: Incture – Paccar
Hear how PACCAR’s global trade platform integrates transportation processes.

20-05-2021 | Business Transformation with Robotic Process Automation
Learn how Robotic Process Automation (RPA) enables business transformation.

18-05-2021 | Intelligent HR Enterprise with SAP Data Warehouse
Know how end-to-end business visibility with SAP Data Warehouse Cloud can make your HR take better decisions for your workforce.

27-11-2020 | SAP Cloud Platform Demo Days Webinars
Register to know how SAP Cloud Platform is used to solve production problems.

26-11-2020 | SAP Cloud Platform Demo Days Webinars – Self Service Mobile Services
Learn how to drive meaningful business outcomes through SAP Cloud Platform.

23-11-2020 | Reimagining Employee Experience
Know how to increase responsiveness, efficiency, and accessibility with UX Modernization solutions.

10-11-2020 | Empower Business with Superior Data insights
Find out how SAP Data Warehouse Cloud fits into your enterprise data & analytics strategy.

05-11-2020 | Enhancing Digital Experience with SAP Cloud Platform Portal
Learn how to create a Unified Digital Workplace with SAP Portal Services.

22-09-2020 | Data Integration hub

Register to know how Digital Integration Hub can deliver incremental business value.

16-09-2020 | Integration as a business enabler
Learn how to enable and simplify enterprise integration in hybrid heterogeneous landscapes.

03-09-2020 | Integration Black Belts Live: Episode 2
Listen to how SAP Integration Suite can accelerate the digital transformation.