Accurate, Faster and Better Data-Driven
Business Decisions

The world of business is a data-focused world, yet it is important to recognize that data is not an end unto itself. Like everything else, data is a tool filled with promise. In the right hands with the proper approaches, the potential for data to support business decision-making is remarkable.

Incture’s robust practices in Data Management & Analytics enables business decision-making by applying science to data. We enable true data-driven solutions for customers. We utilize various cutting edge technologies to translate raw data into meaningful information. Our experience in this journey begins from Data Acquisition to Data Preparation/Exploration to Data Modelling and leading to meaningful Analytics that can be consumed by business in a much simpler way. We use SAP Analytics suite (powered by HANA Cloud Platform) and many other third-party technologies to drive Machine Learning, AI & Data Visualization for the business.



Business Consulting

  • Business Analysis
  • Data Science Program
  • Enterprise Data Models Assessment
  • Data Life Cycle Design
  • Data Asset Development

Tech Performing & Roadmap

  • Reference Architecture & Roadmap
  • Migration & Infra Modernization
  • Big Data / Data Lake Setup
  • Data Warehouse Design & Modernization
  • Data Integration & Acquisition


  • Reports & Dashboard Development
  • Data Modelling
  • Data Processing & ETL
  • Tech Consulting

Packaged Services

  • Pre-built ML Models
  • Reports & Dashboard Templates
  • Enterprise Data Models
  • Industry & LOB Models

Business Case

Reducing overall pole failure rates from 8% to under 3% along with a reduction in the number of manual inspections, resulted in cost savings, for an electricity distribution company in the US

Detecting oil production anomalies caused due to Oil Separator Maintenance issues with machine learning-based model, for an upstream Oil & Gas company in the US

Creating a unified view of data by building an intelligent digital data platform that aggregates information from multiple sources and formats, for a large development bank in the Middle East