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Digital Solutions for SAP Manufacturing Portfolio

Intelligent manufacturing has become a necessity for companies. Product cycles are getting shorter. The pressure is increasing to improve efficiency and sustainability. The industry is experiencing a decline in the skilled workforce. Amidst these challenges, manufacturers who have taken the step towards digitally transforming themselves are able to do more with less. According to a report by Deloitte, implementing smart technologies has enabled factories to make gains of up to 12 percent.

Our pre-packaged applications are helping our clients bring agility in their operations, enable process and people collaboration, improve machine and asset service levels, and mitigate incident risks.

Custom manufacturing solutions to accelerate digitization

Advanced technology capabilities using IoT, machine learning, advanced analytics, RPA and data visualization

SAP recognized innovation capabilities

Whether you’re exploring new ideas to digitally transform your company or have defined one already, learn how we can support you.

Incture Manufacturing Solutions

Intelligent Price Management 2

Intelligent Price Management

  • Centralize pricing inputs across products and customers from disparate systems
  • Implement rule-based pricing and pricing simulations to measure the impact of different pricing scenarios
  • Deploy dynamic pricing for real-time pricing changes as per market conditions and competition
  • Apply advanced machine learning to identify unique profit-enhancing opportunities
Incident Management

Incident Management

  • Capture incidents real-time from any location, even in offline mode using mobile apps
  • Implement rule-based investigation triggers
  • Gain end-to-end investigation status visibility coupled with automated reminders for user actions
  • Perform trend analysis for incident data to trace sources and estimate risks to ensure worker safety
Proof of delivery 2

Proof of Delivery

  • Streamline deliveries for the admin and field staff
  • Deploy GPS, barcode scanning, and mobile apps for agents to validate delivery items, locate customer addresses, and raise incident alerts
  • Utilize delivery analytics for agent trip assignment and tracking, real-time delivery status, and trip management
  • Communicate with admin and customers using voice-activated chatbots
supplier management

Supplier Management

  • Provide a self-service platform to mitigate communication gaps
  • Leverage OCR and ICR to automate supplier documentation
  • Automate supplier validation, routing for invoice approvals, invoice payments, PO creation, re-ordering with RPA
order management 2

Order Management

  • Visualize the entire order lifecycle in real-time and enable collaboration across processes
  • Leverage machine learning and predictive analytics to enable agile order entry and review
  • Unlock operational efficiencies using RPA for automated ordering as per business rules
Fleet maintenance

Fleet Management

  • Leverage IoT to track vehicle status in real-time and monitor key vehicle performance indicators
  • Utilize video surveillance to monitor driver behavior
  • Use predictive analytics for assessing fleet availability and scheduling
Plant maintenance

Plant Maintenance

  • Maintain visibility of  work orders, spare parts, and compliance
  • Leverage predictive analytics to pre-detect equipment failures, reduce safety risks and optimize cost across the asset lifecycle
accounts payable automation

Intelligent Maintenance and Operations

  • Maintain visibility of and manage work orders, spare parts, and compliance for asset cost optimization
  • Leverage predictive models to pre-detect equipment failures and reduce safety risk

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