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Digital Solutions for SAP CPG Portfolio

The CPG sector is undergoing a massive transformation – the incumbents are being left behind by niche startups. Traditional leaders can no longer survive with the same operational model, product portfolio, and customer service. They have to unlock value faster than ever and leverage technology to quickly remodel their portfolio, redefine customer experiences and achieve operational excellence.

At Incture, we are leveraging our extensive domain expertise in the CPG industry coupled with SAP recognized innovation capability to drive digital transformation across global companies. Our customized CPG solutions, coupled with our capabilities across advanced technologies are helping companies unify their data silos, people, and processes to become radically more agile in operations and product introductions and enhance the customer experience.

Custom solutions for digital adoption and acceleration

Advanced technology capabilities using IoT, machine learning, advanced analytics, RPA and data visualization

SAP recognized innovation capabilities

Learn how you can optimize fulfillment and increase the efficiency of in-store core operations with our In-store Perishables Management Application

Incture CPG Solutions

master data governance

Master Data Governance

  • Merge data silos and establish master data repositories
  • Quickly discover data assets and implement role-based data sharing across domains
  • Automate dynamic masking of sensitive data elements, data profiling, and classification
  • Utilize machine learning to create analytical data models
supplier collaboration

Supplier Management

  • Utilize self-service for inquiries, tracking payments and negotiations
  • Automate and track purchase orders, shipping notices, and commercial invoices
  • Get real-time insights into the availability of materials and products
  • Reduce time-to-market for price discoveries
Order management

Order Management

  • Manage end-to-end order lifecycle
  • Enter and review orders across channels through a self-service portal
  • Automate business process workflows for processing incoming requests
  • Track real-time order status on collaborative dashboards
intelligent price management

Intelligent Price Management

  • Centralize pricing inputs across products and customers from disparate systems
  • Apply advanced ML to identify unique profit-enhancing opportunities
  • Implement rule-based pricing and use pricing simulations to measure the impact of various pricing scenarios
  • Deploy dynamic pricing to enable pricing changes in real-time

Warehouse Management

  • Use intelligent analytics to manage warehouse capacity and plan stock movements
  • Automate storage bin creations for efficient space management
  • Replenish stocks intelligently on-demand
  • Automate returns and receipts


proof of delivery

Proof of Delivery

  • Streamline deliveries at the administrative and on-field levels
  • Enable delivery item validation, customer address location, and incident alerts
  • Utilize delivery analytics for agent trip assignment and tracking, real-time delivery status, and trip management
  • Communicate with admin and customers using voice-activated chatbots

In-store Perishables Management

  • Automate complex store level operations such as reworks and case fills
  • Utilize barcode scanning to get inventory details to eliminate wastage
  • Get real-time stock and price visibility for markdown optimization
  • Deploy predictive ordering and plan promotion campaigns using predictive analytics


intelligent maintenance optimization

Intelligent Maintenance and Operations

  • Maintain visibility of and manage work orders, spare parts, and compliance for asset cost optimization
  • Leverage predictive models to pre-detect equipment failures and reduce safety risk

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