Cloud-based Insurance Management System (IMS) and gateway portal for one of South East Asia’s Biggest Hospital


One of the largest private healthcare groups in South-East Asia, the client operated 40+ hospitals, but was facing challenges in managing their insurance claim and billing process. The earlier process was manual and resulted in significant losses in time and effort due to the large scale of operations.

This is where they turned to Incture to provide a reliable digital solution to manage insurance claims.

Incture Solution

  • Implemented SAP Cloud based solution and automated the insurance claim process between hospitals and insurance companies
  • Digitized the insurance claim process from manual (fax/email/phone) to automated via interfaces and API management
  • Implemented customized Insurance Management System (IMS) based on customer needs
  • Automated billing process between hospitals and Insurance companies


  • Shortens the claim process which results in lesser waiting  time and a better experience for patients
  • Automates Insurance claim processes and gives end-to-end visibility at every stage of the process
  • Supports various integration patterns including real-time, point to point, multiple senders and receivers and content based routing of message
  • Secure and reliable real-time transaction processing with easy report generation, payment settlements and account reconciliation process.