Migrated 350+ Maps from Gentran to SAP PO for one of the World’s¬†Largest Chocolate manufacturers


  • Non availability of functional and/or mapping specification for development
  • Understanding Gentran architecture and mapping rules
  • Configuration of custom ANSI X.12 versions
  • EDI Compliance Check
  • Replicating 50,000+ look up entries in Gentran to SAP PO
  • Non availability of business users for UAT
  • Test files availability for Sanity Check
  • Consolidation of Gentran and Mercator logic into SAP PO
  • Splitting a flat file with multiple partners info to separate EDIs per partner

Incture Solution

  • Migration of 350+ maps from Gentran to SAP PO for about 30 different transaction types
  • Integration of 450+ trading partners
  • Transformation of various message formats like ANSI X.12, EDIFACT, Plain (Fixed length, pipe delimited files etc) to Idoc and vice-versa
  • Phased delivery approach based on logical grouping¬† of maps, business scenarios and connectivity


  • Consolidation of various middleware like Gentran and Mercator to SAP PO for all A2A and B2B integration resulting in lower TCO
  • Faster processing of business transactions
  • Faster customer and partner on-boarding
  • End-to-end visibility using SAP PO monitoring capabilities
  • Improved exception handling