Digitized and empowered the sales field workforce for Chocolate Distributors


Being one of the largest chocolate confectionary distributor in South-east Asia, the customer has major distribution operations across the region. It operates in self-distribution model of direct sales and has various manufacturing units. Earlier, the documentation for all sales orders was on pen and paper. This made it difficult for the finance team to keep track of invoices and they did not have easy access to transaction details.

Incture Solution

We developed an order management solution which allowed users to access and create sales orders across mobile and web portal, even in offline mode. Users are provided with end-to-end visibility so that they can easily view order history and track orders. The Order Management System will be leveraging SAP Cloud Platform / SAP PO.


  • Sales Team can book orders at customer site
  • Improved customer service and satisfaction
  • Reduction in lead time to generate orders
  • Better analytics
  • Greater security and control