Global procurement reporting tool for leading Agro Equipment Company


A leading global manufacturer of agricultural equipment was facing challenges in efficiently managing their parts and input procurement, as they worked with more than 2700 dealers across 140 countries.

The price of material was different across geographies, and with constant changes in various economic situations, it was difficult to ascertain and record prices. This adversely affected savings initiatives too, as there wasn’t a database which could be used for historical analysis and forecasting.

This is where Incture stepped in to provide a digital solution that allowed them to track saving initiatives and outcomes, manage raw material data and optimize global procurement processes.

Incture Solution

  • Ability to maintain records and track key data elements like commodities, raw material, suppliers, parts and exchange rates
  • Accurate data collection for better forecasting and budgeting
  • Accurate tracking of savings initiatives and outcomes


  • Stronger contract compliance through better visibility
  • Ability to import factory actual data, factory forecasting data, supplier part prices monthly via excel import
  • Global Price Change Authorization tracking
  • Alerts and Notifications for any process delays/errors