Case Studies

With SAP’s strong business and technology assets, and our close collaboration with their customers, Incture is well-positioned to significantly add value in the new economy, where being an intelligent enterprise and delivering exceptional digital experiences is key to success. Learn how we’ve partnered with our customers in enabling their digital transformation journey.

Plant Maintenance for a Global Pharmaceutical Company

25% Reduction in time for safety critical inspections
20% Increase in employee engagement​

Cherrywork® New Product Introduction

3000+​ Key users
~60% Reduction in time to market​​
160+ Countries rollout

Predictive Asset Analytics for a Leading Utility Company

<3% Reduction in overall pole failures​
60% Reduction in manual inspection
90% Accuracy in prediction of pole failures​

Predictive Asset Analytics for a Japanese manufacturer of commercial vehicles

80% Reduction in cycle time for process completion​
20% Increase in employee engagement​

Human Experience Management for a multinational public sector banking and financial services company

22% Increase in user adoption​
<2 seconds processing time for transactions​

Unified Supplier Portal-with SAP Transportation Management

100% Dependence on paperwork eliminated​​
360°​ Visibility of delivery cycle, stock and collections​​

Supplier Onboarding for an Agribusiness Conglomerate

3X Improvement in velocity of onboarding new vendors​
40 New suppliers onboarded per month​
40% Savings due to digitalization​

Workbox for a Bottling Group of a Global Conglomerate

30% Increase in productivity​
360°​ Visibility of tasks​
1100+​ Happy end users

Proof of Delivery for an Online Grocery Chain in US

100% Dependence on paperwork eliminated​​
360°​ Visibility of delivery cycle, stock and collections​​

EDI Modernization for Confectionery Manufacturer

35% Rationalization of the overall EDI maps​
100% Reduction in overall licensing and maintenance cost​
2X Faster onboarding on trading partners using trading partner management solution​

Integrated Operations Platform for Global Oil and Gas Giant

12% Cycle Time Reduction. 24M events processed from 800 wells to provide comprehensive view
15% Improved Productivity. More work items are completed by staff using disruptive features
10% Improved health and safety

Integrated Global Procurement Application for a Leading Agribusiness

500+ Global users from procurement, finance, & engineering​
4:1 4 Regional procurement centers to 1 Global procurement center​
100% Elimination of manual purchasing processes​

Pharma Distribution Management for Asia's leading healthcare service

90% Reduction in approval process for goods returns
360°​ View of end-to-end returns and collection process
65%​ Reduction in manual processes for returns handling

Intelligent Completions and Smart Well Technology Platform for an Oil and Gas Company in US

25% Reduced G&A Expenses​
15% Reduction in SWB​
50M+​ Data points analysis​
350+ Interfaces Consolidation & Migration​

Cherrywork® Incident Management Application

100% Cost visibility to business​
80% Increase in process efficiency by defining SLAs & KPIs at each process stage​
2x Increase in cost advantage by Realtime integration with third party systems​

Government Affairs Service Request Application

80% Engagement​ with relevant parties​
Zero Dependency on paper documentation​
Automated services with interactive catalogue​

Cloud-based Insurance Management & Gateway Portal Application

65% Reduction in recovery costs​
<50% Increase in efficiency of workflow​

Sales order management application for a leading chocolate company

100% Dependence on paperwork eliminated​​
360°​ Visibility of delivery cycle, stock and collections​​

Integrated Transportation & Logistics Platform

100% Supplier shipment confirmation​
20% Reduction in time tracking​
98% Successful Order Integration​

Improving firefighter safety and fire prevention with Fire Fighter App

92.3% Success rate on prediction​
15 Years Data processed to perform ML algorithms​

Intelligent Price Management Application

100% Expected manual processes eliminated​
100%​ Price trend visibility​
3X Potential Productivity Improvement​

Merchandising Units Builder Application

>50% Reduction in time to market​​
100% Visibility of planograms to customers​
Zero Delay in merchandizing units reaching the stores​

Pipeline Analytics for a Leading Oil & Gas Company

End to End visibility of pipeline​
Faster issue detection and resolution​
Improve decision making process
Identify factors affecting corrosion​

Data Lake & Integration Platform for a leading entity in automotive sector

2.3M B2C customers​
3000​ Service orders per day​
$2.6M​​ Increased in annual revenue​

Predictive ESP failure application for a Leading Oil & Gas Company

1MN USD​ Projected Annual Benefit​
85% Prediction of ESP failure​

Improving Order & Returns for a Major Market Expansion Group

100% Elimination of email based approval
360°​ View of returns and exchange handling
Reduction in order release process

Next Generation Digital Oil Field for Global Oil and Gas Giant

12% Cycle Time Reduction.
15% Improved Productivity.
10% Improved health and safety

Cherrywork®Sales Order Management for Foulath Holding

50%​ Improvement in team productivity
1:X Capability of monitoring sales personnel performance

Cherrywork® Resource Management for Facilities Management and Maintenance

100% Automated and streamlined rule-based workflows.
360° Resource and project metrics visibility.
3X Operational efficiency and staff productivity.