Are you fed up of maintaining data and collecting information from different sources? Here is your one-stop WORKBOX solution, just a click-away. For all the processes that an enterprise is involved in, be it prioritizing your task, tracking the work-distribution, ensuring job completion and many other enterprise related issues are resolved here. 

At times, at the organizational level, it is difficult to follow the processes and keep a tab on who is doing what. Workbox will provide you a unified Workbench so that you will never miss a work item. “We have tried to resolve all the problems that an organization might face, either it be related to your processes, projects, employee tracking, monitoring the work-status, collaboration and many other issues,” said Priyadarshini Rao, Workbox, Project Manager, Incture technologies.



Large and medium sized organizations often face business challenges on prioritizing tasks, process visibility which impacts the delivery of their projects. One of the biggest advantage of Workbox, includes its easy integration with multiple systems and complete mobility with offline access.

“We have been getting requests from our customer base for a product which can cater all the needs of the user and it should be extremely easy to access. As the world is transforming, it is important that we deliver something which is quick and handy,” added Rao.

Workbox provides certain pre-packaged workflows and UI (user-interface) templates that facilitates bringing-in rapid value to customers. Multiple systems, workflows and all the various tasks are consolidated into a single effective inbox. It is a platform for the process owners, process managers and even the process actors to enrich their performance.

“Today businesses are transforming quickly, and enterprises are looking for a single unified platform which would save their time and increase productivity,” said Rao.  

“We know the easy availability of Workbox is one of the biggest USP for this product. This is the reason why we have been able to generate business out of it and still we are getting so many requests,” quipped Rao.




WORKBOX Structure

  1. Inbox: Collects information from all the systems, it is integrated with
  2. PMC (Process Management Console): Does the analytics, Admin action, manages SLA, Configuration setting and all the process required



  1. Process Owner
    1. Inbox – notifications, alerts & activity reports
    2. Workbench – plan & review
    3. Process Analytics – track your processes at real-time
    4. Reports & Business Data
  2. Process Manager
    1. Inbox – approvals, notifications, alerts
    2. Workbench – distribute, reassign & manage
    3. Process Analytics – track workload
    4. Work Bots – rules & action assistant
  3. Process Actors
    1. Inbox – tasks, approvals, notifications, alerts
    2. Workbench – detailed task UIs, complete requests
    3. Work Bots – digital assistant for easy work item completion



  • Unified Workbench - never miss a work item
  • Pre-built Work Bots & the ability to configure your own work rules
  • Easy integration with business systems
  • Complete mobility with Offline capabilities
  • Collaboration across team members
  • Role based authorisation & personalisation
  • Rapid business process modelling
  • Pre-packaged process and UI templates to bring rapid value to customers
  • Convert the insights from reporting systems to actions and processes
  • Import user, employee & organization hierarchies
  • Powerful Admin Console
  • Process performance reporting & benchmarking



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