Around one hundred years ago, women and many forward thinking men felt that the world would lose its poetry if women are left behind in expression of their ideas, power and freewill. Women who treasured composure and embraced tolerance realised that endurance would pay no more. Thus, 20th Century which witnessed many revolutions fostered the declaration of United Nations to celebrate March 8th as Women's day. Exactly forty years passed since that event. Salutations to those great (WO) men who carried the mantle of leadership, today we enjoy the fruits of their indomitable spirit.


Fortunately or unfortunately March 8th, 2015 was a Sunday adding to the convenience of the world which is exhausted of celebrating a Day for anything out there? Neither am I exhausted of nor am I fond of celebrations, I feel the need to carry the mantle to burn all those problems we, women, suffer today. Being an Intern, I was not sure of the conduct of corporate. Thanks to Incture, Women's day celebration was preponed to March 5th. Abrupt plans, preparation in a haste and curtain raised. The play was born out of the everyday problems of commuting women. Hence, I entitle it as "Beware, Eve teasers on the road". I hope, there was no man to tease Eve, the first woman on Earth. Anyhow, I'm not anyone to criticize the prevalent euphemism. The short play communicated a message of hope in a subtle manner. There are bad guys who play pranks but never mind, for the good guys would rise up and fight for you. Men made their stand very clear that they could be trusted and relied upon. My Venusian mind whispered, "At the end of the day, it is by the men, of the men and the men". They play pranks and they come forward to protect. Then, we had a male singer paying tribute to women through his mesmerising voice.

Moving on, the most illuminating event of the day was a talk by Ms.Chandrika, Director, Man Power. It was for women and women only. While men at our office toiled hard to meet the deadlines of their work along with ours, we gathered at Big House for that eye-opening talk. I just loved it. From the inception to the culmination, the orator was energetic and passionate.

Her talk revolved around 5 C's - Confidence, Courage, Commitment, Connectivity and Creativity.

She opined, the sum total of the potential of women seen in this world is like the tip of ice berg. More than 75% remain unexplored. And only solution is to look inside and unleash the potential. A straight glance, a peak walk, a confident voice, commitment to work, a courageous and yet compassionate heart. That's womanhood of my dreams.


Having come this far, why do we need a women's day? Aren't we empowered? The question is mine and so do the answer. Unlike Independence Day or Republic Day, Women's Day is not just a celebration of the glorious past. It is the time the world has allotted to appraise itself on its progress in the scale of progress women have achieved. It is a day to realise that problems exist in new form, in new colour. A dialogue from a famous movie comes to my mind, "Among the fifteen presidents of India, there is only one woman. There is only one woman among the fourteen Prime Ministers of India. Is it because India lack talented women or because someone decides the limit and expiry date of women's dream. Who decides the expiry date of women's dream?" I believe, I decide the limit of my dreams. And you?


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