A large food company wanted a solution that catered real-time sales reporting, measured sales team’s performance and tracked productivity at all levels from focus brands to beat/outlet level performance.

Before, they had an in-house built proprietary distributor management system. It was used to record sales numbers across 5 categories of products, which included 34 brands across 3.5 million outlets throughout India. Though the system was in place, it lacked in providing a coherent reporting. Hence, there was a need to extract all relevant data and provide visibility across the board.

Our revolutionary cloud solution, Cherrywork was customized to provide Sales MIS reports on mobile.

The solution focused in providing every Regional Sales Manager to look at D-day sales data, actual orders booked by sales officers during the day and track TSI (Territory Sales Incharge) distributor visits.

The TSIs could look at Focus Brand performance and Trends at the outlet or distributor level. The Sales Team can collaborate and comment on images, videos and other media shared via the app tools. Corporate news, region or channel specific promotions and offers were now available to all or role based access to such feeds. The summary of all reports allows the managers to quickly address issues and to take informed decisions. Given poor network conditions in many parts of the country, the app has been optimized to provide insight to the users even in extremely low network zones.

Currently, the app has been rolled out to more than 500 users across India which constitutes the entire Sales Team of the company. The app handles data from more than 1.5 million outlets which sell some of India's favourite biscuit brands. The Company plans to roll out this app to all its distributors, sales officers and modern trade channels in the future.

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